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Here at Silent World Apparel, we care deeply for our marine environment. Especially living where we do on Vancouver Island, we’re surrounded by water. Water in which we play on, swim in, learn about and SCUBA dive in. We spend alot of time above and below the surface organizing and assisting with beach and underwater cleanup and plastic bags are one of the most abundant type of garbage we find.
For a limited time, you can purchase the below marine themed tote(s) for the special price of $11.99 (CDN).

75% of all profits from sales of these totes during the promotion period are donated to a local marine focused charity.

Our current tote(s) that are on promotion are:

International Day of the Seal

March 22nd

Promotional Period - February 17th -> March 21st

AAtote sealion3 | Silent World Apparel

Did you know that a Sea lion can swim up to 25 miles/hour, can hold their breath for 40 minutes and dive down to 600 feet. Sea lions are also super fun to Scuba dive with. They are like playful puppies underwater as they zip around you and tug on your gear.

Now you can have your very own seal 'barking' at you on this amazing tote bag.

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  • Our tote bags are an economical and useful accessory that will make your day-to-day life easier! From groceries to the gym, from the beach to the office, there are so many handy ways to utilize this lightweight, durable tote.
  • 100% Cotton 6oz fabric
  • 20.5″ self-fabric handles with 9.5″ drop
  • Bag size is 15″ x 16″.