Jody, Jes and a girl named Drew.

Welcome to Silent World Apparel, where we hope you will share our love of the ocean. No matter how acquainted with the mysteries of the deep you are, there will always be more to discover. From the microscopic to the giants, we want to showcase the life that lurks below, with our original artwork and unique designs. Silent World came about after trying to find original clothing that was ocean or SCUBA related and seeing nothing but the often repeated, non-original designs. We knew we couldn’t be the only ones who didn’t want to wear a ‘Keep Calm, Scuba On’ shirt. Who knows, this could be the reason that brought you looking for some great ocean inspired designs.

Who we are:

Jody – Having lived landlocked for so many years, the moment I discovered the ocean I was immediately in love. I now live near the ocean and I do not believe I could ever live away from it again. Looking at those dark waters, one would think there could not be a rich colourful world below, but this is not the case and the mystery is what intrigues me and inspires our designs. When I am not designing t-shirts, I am more than likely creating something else, as I spend most of my spare time sculpting with wool and other fibre art.

Jes – Having grown up in Toronto, Canada, I was no-where close to the ocean. I became a Scuba diver and had the ‘pleasure’ of diving in the Great Lakes. In 2000, I made the move to Vancouver Island, BC Canada where I continued my diving adventures and became an instructor. My passion for the ocean and the life in it has made me much more environmentally aware. Being underwater and having encounters with many of the life our designs are based on is a truly humbling experience.

Drew – Drew is our 12 year old fire-cracker of a daughter. Her awareness and passion for the ocean and its inhabitants is astonishing. She can and regularly does spout out fact after fact about specific marine life. She’s even created a few YouTube videos to teach people about keeping our ocean’s clean. Drew is also a regular model for our youth clothing.

The three of us live in the beautiful Comox Valley, British Columbia.

Jody Jes & Drew